Cory and Liana do an amazing job of creating a wonderful ceremony experience. Their ceremonies consist of beautiful songs, thoughtful prayers, helpful breath work, and opportunities to share prayers or whatever is on your mind. They are also very knowledgeable about cacao and many other things that are helpful in the healing process and dealing with life in general. They do a wonderful job with their cacao ceremony and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Cory and Liana create such a warm and wonderful healing environment with their gentle, loving energies. They truly bring you into a sacred space, where you can be safe and surrounded by supportive humans as you breathe, &

L E T    G O ✨

I’ve experienced two cacao ceremonies led by Cory & Liana and both times have been absolutely amazing! The atmosphere they create with their healing energies, music, plant medicine and ancestral artifacts is unique and powerful. They create a safe & sacred space for heart opening, emotional release, learning and sharing. They are an extremely knowledgeable and professional team that has the highest good of the client in mind. I highly recommend working with them!